What does whimsical mean?

It means giving in to some kind of fancy features.

Noun: -unwhimsicalness

Adjective: -unwhimsical

Examples: –

  • Just a small look at the whimsical nature of my friend made me want to visit my childhood all over again.
  • If you are whimsical, you are definitely going to have a wonderful time when you visit your friends for a reunion of sorts.
  • The whimsical aspect of any game is to ensure that you have a lot of fun and entertainment, and not the practical side of things.
  • The whimsical quality that has been displayed in the dress certainly does not flatter your image as a fashion conscious person.
  • It may be interesting to note that the whimsical nature of my parents had led me to facing a lot of uncomfortable situations that I am not proud to recall.
  • The whimsical portrait of my dogs has certainly been one of the most favorite things that I would want for myself.
  • I wanted to escape to the fantasy game which I was whimsical about for a long period of time, but I had to worry about the accounting examinations due tomorrow. http://sentencehouse.com/how-to-use-gregarious-in-a-sentence/